07 December 2019

I'm Elsa Sharp, welcome to my website. I am a Talent Manager in BBC Factual Production in London recruiting and managing talent for Creative Label, Development Central and Documentaries . I am part of the BBC Production Talent Network and work in a team with talent managers pan UK and also in London in Current affairs, Arts, Science and Consumer.

My role is to recruit researchers and producers for BBC programmes and development. I also work with the Academy and take part in recruitment for entry level schemes including the Production Talent Pool, Creative Access, Apprenticeship, Stephen Lawrence Trust and Mama Youth schemes.

My book How To Get A Job in Television, was published in 2009 and is a 300 page comprehensive insider guide to getting into and progressing in TV. In February I self published an ebook Get in and Get on Television a new, updated,30 page concise guide about all you need to know to get into TV - from how to write a covering letter to networking.

Before I joined the BBC I was head of talent at Dragonfly Film and TV and recruited researchers and all levels of producer across all their extensive output including One Born Every Minute, The Plane Crash and The Hotel. I have worked as a freelance Talent Manager working for a range of independent TV companies including Firecracker Films, Objective Productions, Impossible Pictures and Raw TV. I have worked in entertainment production as a series producer and also in development.

I occasionally lecture at the University of Westminster and appear at industry networking and training events within the BBC and with TV industry recruitment website The Talent Manager, RTS Futures, and BAFTA as well as taking part in Podcasts with the BBC College of Production.
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published February 2014
This ebook is a 30 page practical guide to
getting into and freelancing in TV.
It includes information on CV and letter 
writing, networking, interviews, plus
up to date information on social media and useful 
TV recruitment websites.

Available to buy here and on Amazon

It replaces previous resources and coaching services

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