I'm Elsa Sharp, a TV talent executive and author.

I’m a talent executive in BBC Current Affairs recruiting for Panorama, Newsnight and single documentaries and investigations for BBC1, 2 and 3.

I recruit production and editorial staff from entry level to film makers and executive producers.

(At the BBC) I take part in recruitment for entry level schemes including the BBC Production Talent Pool, Creative Access and Mama Youth schemes, as well as the Edinburgh Festival and Apprenticeship schemes and have also done training in Coaching and Mentoring.

I joined the BBC in 2013 working in Specialist Factual recruiting for documentaries and history series such as The Met, Louis Theroux, Invisible Cities, Life and Death Row and Amazing Hotels - Life Beyond the Lobby, and recruiting for BBC Three.

Prior to joining the BBC I worked as a head of talent at various indies including Dragonfly Film and TV (and Firecracker Films) and ran my own freelance talent business. I started working in TV as a researcher in and have worked in production as an AP, producer, series producer as well as in development.

My book How To Get A Job In Television was published in 2009, and an my eBook How to Get A Job in Television Updated was published in 2021 and is the sister book to How To Get A Job In Television.

The book

Timely, insightful and comprehensive.
At last a guide that tells it how it is.
The only insider guide to working in TV.
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The ebook

Updated sister book to How To Get A Job In Television.
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